20 Thanks For Playing With My Feelings Quotes

Thanks for playing with my feelings quotes is a sign of appreciation and gratitude that people generally express in words when they feel that all their efforts have been paid back in a positive manner and they are highly satisfied with the results.

Thanks For Playing With My Feelings Quotes

  1. Thank you for playing with my feelings. I searched everywhere for you until I finally realized that even though you seduced me, then broke up with me, and then played with my emotions, the wounds were healed because of the silliness. It was a great lesson in life.
  2. Thank you for playing with my feelings. Your words have been nothing but lies for months, and I know you never really wanted to be with me. I wish the best for you, but I think that I would rather be alone than in a relationship where the other person doesn’t care at all.
  3. Thank you for playing with my feelings. Just when I think we are getting closer, you start to pull away from me and make me feel bad.
  4. Thank you for playing mind games. It’s been hard at times, but I learned a lot about myself and how to deal with things differently. However, I love myself too much to be manipulated by someone else’s insecurities.
  5. Thank you for playing with my emotions. It’s not cool to do that, but it makes me feel like I have a human experience. I know now that when I get emotionally attached to something it means a whole lot to me and therefore, I appreciate it more.
  6. Though there are times I am sad and truly heartbroken, I am so thankful for your existence. You always have been and will always be my friend.
  7. Thank you so much for being a great friend and coworker. I know that we have different personalities, but I think our differences complement each other very nicely. We have a lot of fun when we get together and talk
  8. Thank you for being a good friend and listening to me. I know it’s not easy to always listen to me vent, but you do it so well. I appreciate your ability to assist in my decision-making process.
  9. Thanks for playing with my feelings. I don’t know why you like to toy with me. I have tried to forget about you and move on, but it’s just not working. You have this power over me that just won’t let me go live my life without thinking about you.
  10. Thanks for playing with my feelings. I was starting to really like you until you hooked up with my friend. It’s not that serious right now and I don’t expect that you will read this, but I hope she treats you better than the way you treated me.
  11. Thank you for playing with my feelings. I had a hard time trusting you, but with your sorry and most genuine tears, I believed you again.
  12. Thank you for coming back into my life after so many years. I’m sorry I didn’t return your love at the time but I am grateful that you were patient and waited for me.
  13. Thank you for playing with my feelings and then dumping me when someone better came along. I wonder what your next meaningless dalliance will be like, if it will be fun, exciting, and new like our relationship was. or if it will be boring, stale, and devoid of anything but physical attraction.
  14. Thank you for playing with my feelings and breaking my heart. It has taught me to step back and think before I give all of myself away. You are not the person I fell in love with and I suppose I am better off not knowing who you have become.
  15. Thank you for not asking any of my friends to be your girlfriend. It would have been weird if they had said yes. Thank you for being weird and fun and interesting. I love the way you talk about things that somehow still make sense. Thank you for never telling me your last name even though we have known each other for years.
  16. Thank you for all the fun we had together. Thank you for being fun and kind and thoughtful. I really enjoyed everything we had together, even if I’m a little sad it’s over.
  17. Thank you for playing with my feelings. I’m so attracted to you, and it makes me feel guilty because I am resisting a relationship. My life is so crazy right now, but I wish it could be simpler sometimes.
  18. Thank you for making me feel like my feelings are a game. I really liked you, but it is hard to confide in someone whose feelings always change.
  19. Thank you for saying you like me and making me feel so special. I was worried you didn’t care as much as I did, but I’m glad to know your feelings are real and that we’re on the same page.
  20. You tried so hard for me and I just wasn’t ready. When I think about it, you have been an amazing guy this whole time and I should thank you for that. Maybe one day we will be together. Thank you for what we had.

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