40+ Thank You Lord For Your Abundant Blessings

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Thank You Lord For Your Abundant Blessings

  1. Thank you for blessing me with this amazing job that I love, thank you that my boss is so nice, thank you that my coworkers are so funny and supportive. Thank you for blessing me with such an amazing life and such a beautiful wife to share it with. Thank you for blessing our marriage with such a sweet baby girl. Please let us be able to raise her ‘right’ and tap into your guidance when we need it most. We love your son JESUS so much and need him in our life daily. Thank you for believing in us and helping us meet all of our goals and for giving us hope and faith and drive to chase after everything we want. we prayerfully ask that we may help other people find the same happiness.
  2. Thank you especially for your Son, Jesus. Thank you for sending him to save me and the world. Thank you for sending him down to us as the sacrificial lamb. Thank you most of all for raising him from the dead. Jesus is our greatest blessing.
  3. Thank you for giving me a solid family, good health and a home to come back to every evening. Thank you for my favorite people on this earth – my parents, my sister and brother, even my annoying niece and nephew – who I love very much.
  4. Thank You Lord for Your abundant Blessings and Love that You poured upon us this day. You came to me, and whispered in my heart that this was the right decision to make. Thank You for opening our hearts to receive Your heavenly blessings. As we rest in Your arms, I pray that we will find peace, happiness and most importantly; direction into Your Way.
  5. Thou has given us these wonderful bountiful blessings of your grace; Thank you Lord for your abundant Blessings.
  6. I am so grateful for the blessing you have given me. I am so blessed because of you. You are my strength, my refuge, and my fortress. Without your blessings I would be nothing. Your love never fails me. Thank you Lord, for all of your blessings in my life. Thank you for keeping me safe, keeping me happy, keeping me healthy, keeping me alive, and just everything! You are truly amazing! I love you Lord
  7. Lord, I want to thank you, Lord, because the Lord has been good to me. Thank you for your abundant blessings. We’re grateful for everything that you’ve done for us. In Jesus name we pray, amen!
  8. Dear Lord, Thank You once again for your abundant blessings. You have been so generous and I thank you so very much for everything. My heart is filled with gratefulness and I will continue to share your love with others. Please give me the strength to show love to people who don’t even deserve it.
  9. Lord, I give you praise and thanks for the countless blessings that you give to me each day. Though some blessings come small, they come from a heart that’s grateful and filled with thankfulness. Thank you for all the times you have helped me in my struggles. Your aid has been more than I could have asked or imagined. Though at times I have doubted your ways, I now realize that your love is unconditional and full of grace. Not only do I thank you for all the good things in my life, but also for the lessons you have taught me along my journey.
  10. Lord, upon the land that is filled with your bounty, we thank you for this food which we have been given. Our harvest has been so great, and our hands have been so diligent, that a bounteous table has been set before us.
  11. Thank you for thinking about me, thank you for giving me great friends. Thank you for my girlfriend. Thank you for making me happy when I was sad. Thank you for your endless love.
  12. I want to thank you for bringing me close to my family and friends. I know there are others who have lost their loved ones, while I have been blessed beyond measure.
  13. Thank you for waking me up this morning. Without you waking me, I would not have had the chance to smile at this store cashier after telling her she was cute. I hope this simple smile brightened her day and helped her through the rest of the long day.
  14. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. I have been lost and confused about what to do, but you have been there to show me the way. I am growing closer to you each day and thank you for bringing me closer to myself.
  15. Thank you, Lord, for your abundant blessings. Thank you for my family, friends, health, home, car, job. I am thankful that our Heavenly Father cares about me and takes the time to bless me.
  16. Thank you for sending my parents into the world to become my loving parents. Thank you for blessing me with a job that I love and that provides so many opportunities to do what I want. Thank you, Lord, for my friends and family, who lift me up when I am down. Thank you for granting me so many opportunities to grow as a person, and granting me so much knowledge about the world around me.
  17. Thank you, Lord! You are truly awesome, and I am so thankful for the things you are doing in my life. It is incredible how you are taking care of me.
  18. I am thankful for all Lord has given me these past six months. Thank you for my new job that I love, the new friends who I am blessed to get to know, and thank you that my family is healthy and safe. I hope more blessings are on the way.
  19. What a wonderful day today! The weather is perfect, and I am spending it with my woman; life doesn’t get better than this! Thank you for the people in my life and all of your blessings. You are truly amazing!
  20. Thank you for my parents, my sister, and my brother. Thank you that I have a warm place to rest after a long day of working.
  21. Thank you for the husband you have given me. You have given me a man that I can depend on, one who loves me with an unconditional love without any hidden agendas.
  22. Thanks for my new job, thank you for putting me in this wonderful international group. Not only am I learning about the language and culture of this country, I’ve also found some very good friends. You are truly amazing.
  23. Thank you Lord for your abundant blessings that I am experiencing every moment of my life. Thank you for blessing me with this wonderful wife.
  24. Thank you lord for your abundant blessings, for keeping me healthy and as secure as possible as all my family is spread out over seas. I am happy that we have stayed together after all these years and we shall always be there to support each other in whatever we do or where ever we go. Thank you, Lord.
  25. Thank you Lord for the great things in my life: for health and strength and desire and friends and family and joy and love. All this and more I lay before you to acknowledge. For your love is so much bigger than all of this, for your love will never let me go.
  26. I thank you for the roof over my head, the food in my stomach, the clothes on my back – I AM BLESSED. I thank you for my health, my family, friends, and significant other. I thank you for making this day a blessing too.
  27. Thank you for having a roof over my head, a nice car to drive and food at the table. I know it seems like I don’t show appreciation or say thank you enough, but from the bottom of my heart to yours, I am grateful.
  28. I am extremely grateful for the things you have bestowed upon me. I have a wonderful home, a great family and a loving wife. Thank you for everything in my life.
  29. Thank you for my parents, who support me in every way. Thank you for the ability to work hard at school and at work and still make time to relax and be social. I know you will help me as I continue to grow and mature.
  30. Thank you for the creation of things that make me happy. A warm cup of coffee with cream, an awesome sunset, or a video game after I’ve worked hard all day. Thank you for the creation of everything awesome in this world.
  31. Lord, thank you for the countless blessings bestowed upon me. Thank you for those who stand by me through thick and thin, without whom I would have been a shattered wreck. Give me courage to help those in need and to bring good to the ones so desperately in search of it – especially those who have been done wrong and Lord, please let my small deeds count for something good.
  32. Thank you, Lord, for my home and family that you’ve given me. Thank you for the wonderful dinner we had together last night. Thank you for all our health and the comfort of our home. These blessings make life worth living!
  33. Thank you, Lord, for being ever so good to me. It seems as if each day you send someone who thinks I am special and loves me as I am. Thank you, Lord, for all your love and mercy towards me.
  34. Thank you, Lord, for keeping me in your loving care. Thank you for keeping me in a place where I can be a blessing to others. Thank you for blessing my family and friends with their needs and love. Thank you for blessing me the wonderful opportunities I have been given.
  35. In the name of Jesus, it is an honor and a privilege to thank you for all your immense, abundant blessings. I offer this prayer on bended knees as I humbly bow down before you God.
  36. You have been so good to me. I am more than thankful for all the opportunities you have given me. I will always try my best to make sure that I am doing what you want of me. Thank you, Lord.
  37. Thank you for blessing me with so much in my life. I know not everyone is blessed in the same way, but I pray that when people look at me and my life, they will reflect on how thankful they are that the Lord has blessed them too.
  38. What a full life I have had as a result of your generosity. As I reflect on the past, I am filled with gratitude for the people who have been a part of my life. I have experienced so much joy, and now as the years accumulate, so does my gratitude. Thank you for being my friend and bringing me happiness all these years.
  39. Thank you for letting me see this day and life. You provide and take care of me. You give and you take. Thank you for providing my basic needs, such as food to eat and a place to live in. Thank you for the wonderful company I work in. Thank you for giving me such a great family, especially parents who love me and take good care of me.
  40. Thank you for never leaving me. I know that you want the best for me and thank you for sending me the right person to love me. Thank you for helping me keep up with school and remember homework, even when I don’t want to do it. Thank you for always providing food and clothing and a house and entertainment and savings and unexpected income, etc.
  41. Thank you for filling my life with so much joy and an abundance of love. I truly think we were meant to be together, and I am grateful that you made that happen.
  42. Thank you, Lord for your abundant blessings. I thank you for loving me, the kind friends that I have, for my family, for my home, and for my life. Thank you for this day. Help me to be thankful every day.
  43. thank you for the accomplishments in my life. thank you for my peaceful home & my loving family & friends. thank you for my successful career change. thank you for my healing heart surgery. thank you, Lord, for all of your blessings, which I have received!
  44. Thank you for reminding me to look on the bright side. For all of the blessings you have given me, I am very thankful. Thank you for my health, family and friends. And thank you for showing me that tomorrow is always better than today!
  45. Thank you for my health, family, friends and your everlasting love. Thank you for allowing me to have a second chance with the woman of my dreams. I am thankful for my new job and all of the amazing people that have come into my life just in the last few months.
  46. Thank you for everything I have been blessed with. I ask you to help me continue be a blessing to those around me as I am able. In your word, you say that those who give will receive more. So, as I bless others, may I be blessed more. Thank you for the power to make a difference in the lives of others.
  47. Little things like thanking God for ‘baby’ tomatoes or even leaves make me appreciate that I am alive and here in this world experiencing this beautiful day.
  48. Thank you for getting me out of bed this morning and for another beautiful sunny day. Thank you for the wonderful family and friends who delight in my company and make my days more fun. And thank you most of all for your consolation, your restoration, and your boundless grace.

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