Almighty Father We Praise And Thank You

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Almighty Father We Praise And Thank You Prayer Quotes

  1. Almighty Father, We Praise and Thank You, for the countless blessings bestowed upon us, giving us cause to rejoice and sing of your love. We thank you for our families, those we hold dear, those who provide comfort and those who inspire us.
  2. Father, We Praise And Thank You for all you do.  We don’t understand the reasons why some things happen in our lives that sometimes cause us pain. Father, we thank You that You are there to help us through the difficulties of life and to guide us when we feel lonely or lost. Help us to be more patient with one another and treat each other with loving kindness. Teach us to be understanding and caring so that we may help one another through our trials on earth.  Father, help us to overcome our own deep feelings of anger, hatred, greed, lust, and envy of others; these feelings separate each person from making the closest of friendships with others who are like ourselves.  Father, bless all people throughout the world and forgive all our sins.
  3. Almighty Father we praise and thank you for your wonderful blessing to the whole world through the gifts of your Holy Spirit.
  4. Almighty Father, we praise and thank you for the wonderful blessings that has been poured out onto us. Your love for us is so great that you gave your only son to die for our sins
  5. Father we praise and thank you for all you have done and continue to do. We praise and thank you for loving us so much that you sent your son, Jesus, to die on the cross and take our punishment that we deserve. Father we thank you that because of Jesus we can be forgiven and accept into heaven someday. Help us to use the time we have here on this earth wisely and never forget about what is really important: eternity with you! In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.
  6. I worship You, Almighty Father, because You have made me. I praise and thank you for the gift of life and redemption through Jesus Christ. I praise you for Your Son’s sacrifice on the cross. I proclaim that He is the world’s only Savior and that He has power to save my soul from hell.
  7. We praise you Almighty Father, We bless your holy name; Your love sustains us, Lord, All praise belongs to you, all glory be to you.
  8. Grateful praise is probably always better than complaining. Even when things are not going our way, we should always be thankful for what God has already done in our life.
  9. Thank you for blessing us with a great life. your bountiful love and compassion help us to be the best people we can possibly be, and we thank you for that.
  10. Thank you for my parents and family members. You have given me a wonderful and happy home and the most amazing and supportive relatives and friends.
  11. Almighty Father, we praise and thank you for all the good things you have given us. You have never left us nor forsake us, but help us in everything we do, preserve our marriage and family forever.
  12. Thank you for making us well. Thank you for our food and for our parents. Thank you for all of the many things you give us every day, including the things we don’t appreciate until we lose them. We hope we can always be grateful.
  13. Thank you for all your great blessings in my life. You have given me a place to stay here in Pittsburgh when I was in school, a loving wife and two healthy children, a job that gives me the ability to see my family every day, and health to enjoy life. I am thankful that you bless me beyond what I deserve.
  14. Thank you for blessing our family, providing us with food and shelter. Thank you for the beautiful flowers that flower every year in the yard.
  15. Thank you for protecting me, giving me food to eat, clothes to wear, clothes to keep me warm. Thank you for giving us each other. Without each other, our lives would be lonely.
  16. Praise and thank you for being our creator. We praise and thank you for your unconditional love for us all. We praise and thank you for bringing us together with someone that will be a great friend and companion in faith, life and love.
  17. Thank you for creating and sustaining us. we celebrate and count our blessings and give thanks for the many ways you have blessed us this year. we thank you for everything we have, and we ask that you continue to bless us with all that we need in the year ahead. we know that your love is with us every day, in good times and in bad. help us to remember to turn to you when life gets difficult, and help us to share your love when life gets easier. please keep us safe, healthy, and happy to all of our family and friends in 2012. keep 2016 free from any tearful teary moments, but instead replace it with happiness and laughter like always. I pray this in Jesus’ name I amen.
  18. Thank you for giving me parents that worked hard and still work hard to provide for their kids. we will forever be grateful of all the things they did for us and continue to do for us.
  19. Father, thank you for this family that you have given me. There is something special about the people that I have been blessed with. Thank you for blessing us with a fun and interesting time together. Thank you for making me a father to the best kids in the world.
  20. Thank you for your grace and mercy. You are always with us, during the good times and the bad. This Thanksgiving my family and I are looking forward to spending time with you. I pray that this year is better than all the others.
  21. Thank you for always looking out for us and creating an amazing life for us here on earth. For always providing for us when we need help. Thank you for all of the blessings. Help us to remember to be grateful every day, in every way, for all that you bless us with each day.
  22. Thank you, Father for watching over me these days. I pray that you continue to guide my steps and protect me wherever I go so that I can keep walking down the path you set out for me.
  23. Thank you for giving us support in everything we do. These are the only times I hear her sing; when she is in front of the camera performing. The smile on her face is something that stays with me throughout the day. Perhaps it’s her confidence that lights up my day. Thank you for our strength and guides us through our days.
  24. Thank you for being in our lives. We may not have everything we need at the moment, but I know you are always right there with us. Help us to always remember that while this life will be full of challenges, it is also full of great things. I know that your plan for our lives can exceed our wildest imaginations.
  25. Thank you for giving us the time and space to enjoy our summer. Thank you for bringing this wonderful evening to an end. We all had a blast and thank you for granting us such a great time together.
  26. Thank you for the sun and the stars and the universe and everything in it, we thank you for all of creation, we thank you for our family and friends and their help in supporting us, we thank you for this day and all who you have given it to. In Jesus name we pray.
  27. Here I am out of the blue, praying on your time again. Thank you, father, for always being there for me, no matter who I am talking to or what I need help with. I want to thank you for helping me through these hard days and difficult times.
  28. We come to you today, thanking you for the strength and support you have given us in the year we have been married. I love her so much and you have made it so we can be together. I praise you for your love and never-ending grace. We praise you and thank you always. Congratulations!
  29. Thank you for answering our prayer to find someone who would be good companion for us, someone with whom we could share the rest of life ahead. Someone who would have same interests as us, same likes and dislikes, someone who would be willing to sacrifice her own happiness for our happiness. We are thankful that you granted our humble prayers. You are amazing. And you are great!
  30. Thank you for the guidance and love you give me. I know I am not perfect, but knowing that you are on my side, makes everything a whole lot easier to handle. Thank you, God!
  31. Lord, we come before you today to ask for your help and guidance. Please bring to us those we wish to help and those we need to help us. Be our friend in all that we do and always provide us with the energy and strength to surpass our daily problems.
  32. We thank you for our family and friends. Thank you for all the wonderful things they do for each of us and how they make our lives so much better.
  33. For being so good to us. We praise you almighty for all you have given us in this life. Through your son Jesus Christ we have been forgiven of our sins and made worthy to live with you again. In Jesus’ name amen. – Amen!
  34. Thank you for watching over me and protecting me all these years. I know that I am safe, happy and healthy because of your love and mercy. Thanks for the wonderful friends and family that you have given me. Thank you for this life that you have provided for me so far and for the many more to come.
  35. thank you for the many blessings you have graced us with. thank you for our health, families and friends. thank you for opportunities in life and thank you for your unfailing love and guidance in our lives. in Jesus’ name, amen!
  36. for all the good you have given us today. number one, thank you for this food and for all who made it possible to transport it from the farm to our homes. we also thank you for your son, Jesus, who came along and turned bad legumes into a steaming pile of goodness that gives life. there is no better way to spend a Saturday night than with good food and great friends.
  37. Dear almighty father, we praise and thank you for everything we received and everything we will receive. We especially thank you for the love and kindness your people have shown us as we move to our new home. Thank you for all those who helped us do the move so smoothly. For those who showed up on time and those who were there before us waiting patiently. Lord, thank you for giving us strength to do great things even though we are tired and exhausted. Lord, please help us grow our faith in you more.
  38. We thank you for all the things you have done for us. For the lessons you teach us each day, for making me strong enough to handle the stresses of life. God, thank you for making my dreams come true.
  39. thank you for making me so happy today, I am so thrilled to be here, surrounded by family and friends who love me. Thank you for blessing me with so much happiness. Thank you for my husband of the past nine years and my adorable children. I love them so much and my heart is full of gratitude for having them in my life. thank you, all my love, ~ amen~
  40. Thank you for being so patient with us. We know we have been busy and have not had as much time without families as we would have liked. We do love you, and we’re sorry for taking some quality time away from you. We promise to be better. Thank you for forgiving our short comings and imperfections.
  41. We praise and thank you for giving us the many gifts of this earth, for creating so many possibilities for us to live in peace, for keeping us safe behind your divine power. We also thank you for all of the things you did through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!
  42. Holy Father, Thank you for my mom. You did your job well. She is wonderful. She can be crazy at times, but she is the best mom ever! I know that you are always there to guide her and help her make decisions. Knowing that helps me so much. Thank you!
  43. Lord, thank you for letting us be able to enjoy today. Thank you, Santa, for all of the presents you gave out. Thank you to our parents for always being there for us when we are in need. Thank you to the United States Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army for keeping us safe. All of these things are so important to children so they may longer have to live in fear. I am thankful that I have a comfortable living situation and that my home is protected by the finest people around.
  44. Thank you so much, God, for this food and for all of the good things you have given us. When I feel stressed out, I know that you will help me. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you that we have a beautiful home to come to every night on your account.
  45. Thank you for this family. And thank you for our home and all of the simple things we take for granted. Thank you for this amazing dinner you made us. We are grateful. And thank you for our health and safety and wisdom and guidance and so many, many other things. We give thanks to thee Oh Lord.

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