Thank You For Ignoring Me Quotes

Thank You For Ignoring Me Quotes: When I found the heart-wrenching blog post of a husband thanking his wife for ignoring him. I couldn’t not hear a voice telling me, “I have to share this one with my followers.” So, here we go! The article is all about the fact that, while it sounds funny and odd, how much people appreciate the things you ignore them from. That’s interesting because we usually tend to get upset when others ignore our messages — but why not turn this into an advantage?

Thank You For Ignoring Me

  1. I’ve heard some of your feelings. You’re frustrated, you’re tired, you’re fed up. You’re tired of people not taking action on your email. Every time you send an email asking for a sale, you hear crickets in return. I’m writing this thank you for ignoring me letter because I know how you feel.
  2. Thank you for ignoring me. Thank you for not reading this article, or any article for that matter. You have my sincerest gratitude. I know it may seem odd at first but let me explain why your actions are so revolutionary and important.
  3. Thank you for ignoring me. Yes, thank you. I know what it says on the back of my car edition t-shirt that I wear to bed with a pair of sweat pants and some comfy slippers because it’s 4:23am and I’ve had nineteen cups of coffee today (not an exaggeration, is it?) but I am thankful for your lack of attention, your inattention — which is all that matters because that, ultimately, is how we are able to exist in this life.
  4. I’m about to tell you the most important thing you should ever hear in your life. I know this won’t be easy to read, especially since we’ve known each other for so long, but blocking you from my life is the best choice I’ve ever made. Thank you for ignoring me.
  5. When you first meet me, I feel like you’re dismissing me; it’s because you are. Your unconscious mind notices that I have red hair and dismisses whatever comes out of my mouth. But your conscious mind hears everything I say, so our relationship has to satisfy two minds instead of one.  Thank you for ignoring me.
  6. This article recognizes that a lifetime of being belittled has taught us that we are literally not worthy of human contact. At least, not unless we do everything just perfect. Thank you for ignoring me.
  7. Thank you for ignoring me. My goal is not to be noticed. My objective is to do my job quietly and let the results speak for themselves. The last thing I want is people coming to me or assigning the glory or blame to me when things go well or poorly.
  8. There are times when people don’t respond to the messages of the messengers. The curiosity begins to overpower their ability to discern, and they begin to wonder how the person could be so heartless, manipulative or generalizing. In those instances, what would that message look like if an innocent person heard it?
  9. Thank you for ignoring me. Thank you for leaving without responding to my “hellos”, or returning an “I’m fine how are you?” Rather than take it personally, I choose to see it as an opportunity to learn, and then open myself up to new ideas. The challenge is that most of us take things too personally. In the customer service industry (which is really a customer relationship industry), we sometimes forget that each interaction is an opportunity to educate and grow our relationships with the people we serve.
  10. Thank you for ignoring me. For completely neglecting to reach out and make my acquaintance, to ask me how I’m doing or if there is anything you can do to help me.
  11. A funny thing happened last week: I got a Facebook comment from an individual that said, “Thank you for ignoring me.”
  12. How do you like your eggs? I like them scrambled. A friend asked me this one day thinking it would be a funny way to start a conversation, and I thought his joke would only last until the next time I saw him. But my friend wasn’t done there. He introduced me to his version of The Game where he’d ask me random questions in the hopes that I would ignore no matter what, and then follow up a moment later by simply saying “thank you for ignoring me.”
  13. Thanks for ignoring me. I like it. I really, really do. It gives me a sense of peace, and quiet to be honest. It brings me comfort, in a weird way. Did I just lose you? Well, that’s okay. Keep reading if you want to know why it gives me comfort to be ignored by you…
  14. I think it’s fair to say that this isn’t the most popular way to start a blog, but it’s definitely the right one. I know we don’t talk much. That’s on me. I haven’t done a good job of reaching out to you. And I feel bad about that. [I’ll include an apology here if appropriate] Now, I don’t want to make this all about me, but I want to be honest with you. As long as you’ve known me, I’ve been trying to be a writer for years.
  15. Everyone ignores me — even the mailman. My neighbors think I’m weird. Maybe they’re right, who knows. Even when I was a kid, I used to get ignored by my parents, my friends at school, and other kids my age. But then again, no one wanted to listen to someone who identified himself as “the kid who gets ignored”.
  16. You’re a busy person, and you don’t really have time to read this tongue wagging essay from a guy who thinks you are overlooking huge opportunities. So I’ll just leave a quick note and get out of your hair. Ignore me by all means, I will still be here.
  17. I’ve probably spent more time stalking your profile than most people unlucky enough to be the subject of my interest. I don’t want you to use that against me in the future, but it’s representative of how I currently feel about you. The problem is that, despite your popularity and public availability, I know next to nothing about you.
  18. I have written this post because I am discouraged right now. I feel overwhelmed and am having a hard time finding the energy to do my work. Please read this post, don’t comment, screenshot or share it. This won’t help me to do anything only distract me and add more stress on my already full plate. If you know something about depression please pass this along.
  19. It’s easy to get lost in this world. Entirely too easy. In the end, we’re all just looking to be heard after all. Thank you for ignoring me.
  20. Thank you for ignoring me. Thank you for paying me no mind. Thank you for not looking back. Thank you for walking away and never once looking back, eternally scorned by your ghostly lover who still lurks about in the depths of your heart. Thank you for letting go of my hand, even though I cherish each second of our time together–even today.
  21. You’re not alone if you feel like these days no one is listening to you. This blog will be a good place to turn when your voice seems to fall on deaf year of people who couldn’t care less, who don’t listen, or don’t even look at what you write. However, we all need to remember that they might love you, they might read your blog every day, but to them this may be the only way to show it.
  22. Watching in despair as your blog views, social shares and comments all died a slow painful death? So am I. As an ‘out-loud’ writer it’s not easy having your higher brain functions insulted by strangers on a daily basis.
  23. No one ever wants to be ignored. This is especially true for startups and entrepreneurs, as it means there is a level of business acumen that needs to be grasped before you’re taken seriously by other companies. While it can feel like all hope is lost when you are being ignored by big companies, I’m here to tell you that there is still a chance the deal will go through.
  24. With all the things on my mind, it goes without saying that I couldn’t afford to take leave from writing. After all, I have bills to pay. Saying that out loud makes me feel like I belong in a bad 80’s comedy. You know the kind. It’s sad because those are the things that worry the younger me.
  25. The past two months have been some of the hardest and most discouraging I’ve faced in my lifetime. I was abused, broken, and alone. Now, I’m facing the worst nightmare of my life.  Thank you for ignoring me.
  26. The following is a true story. On a Thursday morning in late September, my 14 year old brother was walking to school when he was struck by a car and killed. I was heartbroken. Friends and family all contributed to making sure we had enough food and drinks to last us until that time when we would be able to enjoy normal lives again.
  27. when you open this page, I’m going to thank you. But it won’t be the first time in my life that I’ll have thanked you. You see, every day of my life, I thank you, as do many people on a daily basis. It’s not just today where I feel like thanking you, but it’s a feeling that has been with me for an extraordinarily long time — I’ve silently thanked you for so long that the thought of thanking you in some way has become part of who I am.  Thank you for ignoring me.
  28. Thank you for ignoring me. I don’t believe the topic of a thank-you page has been covered on the Moz blog before, and I think it is a really important topic, so let’s get started.
  29. The phrase “thank you” has more impact when it comes from someone unexpected. When we say “thank you” and you say “no problem”, our subconscious minds filter out your words and register only the meaning of “thank you”. Thank you for ignoring me.
  30. You don’t know me, but I owe you a thanks. I’m pretty sure you don’t read my blog or even know what my blog is about. You probably didn’t even mean to ignore me — it might have been an accident. But that’s okay because today I learned something important
  31. If you didn’t ignore me, I wouldn’t have had to write this thank-you as a not-so subtle reminder. This is for that one person out of thousands who have seen this page, read this article and actually did it.
  32. I am a splash of water that gets ignored by your feet as you walk down the street, Left to dry in the sun and die, or swept away by passing cars.
  33. I’m writing to you, from the past. It’s okay if you don’t remember me. Indeed, it’s better if you don’t. You see, I used to be your friend, and even though we weren’t best friends, I cared about you a great deal.
  34. This is the first time I’ve ever done this. I’m sitting at my computer, and it’s currently 1:07am where I am. I’m not writing this because it’s good for SEO or to help you understand how to be successful in promoting your site. It’s because every time I see you staring at me from the corner of my eye, I panic. I don’t want you there anymore — it scared me today. It scared me that for a fraction of a second, you were so real to me.
  35. I’ve been in your position. I saw a thriving community, with people happy to discuss their area of expertise. They were experts. They were bragging about their domain authority and page ranking metrics. I thought to myself this is the place where I belong. I wanted to be apart of that community but there was one problem.

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