Thank You For Making My Day Special Quotes

Many of us wake up in the morning and do what we do, day in and day out almost always the same routine. There are so many aspects to our lives that stay exactly the same. But I bet there is one thing that is special to you that changes a little each and every day: your friends. Thank you for making my day special!

Thank You For Making My Day Special

  1. Thank you for making my day special. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are the best person ever.
  2. Thank you for making my day special. I appreciate all the effort you put in so that my birthday was memorable. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every moment.
  3. Thank you for making my birthday so perfect. I will always remember the amazing day we had and the way you made me feel.
  4. Thank you for the wonderful card. I love it so much. When I opened it and saw what was inside, I instantly had tears in my eyes. Thank you for making my birthday and being part of my life. You’re an important person in my life.
  5. Thank you for making me feel so special on our anniversary. It was perfect how you prepared the special setting and made me breakfast in bed.
  6. Dear mom, you are always there for me no matter what, and always will be. I want to thank you for everything that you did for me on my birthday.
  7. Thank you for being so thoughtful and making me feel like a queen when I needed to feel that way on my birthday.
  8. Thank you so much for the cupcakes you brought to work! I really needed it. I just got accepted into the graduate program of my dreams and everyone was coming up to me and congratulating me, but I just felt so overwhelmed. But when I saw those cupcakes, all my worries went away. The chocolate was a sweet surprise too!
  9. Thank you for letting me choose a cute dress. Thank you for cutting my hair. Thank you for getting me a gift, but most of all, thank you for letting me have a great time with my friends’ playing games, gossiping and having a good meal. You are the best brother in the world!
  10. thank you for making my day special, the time you took for shopping for the clothes that i wanted to wear on this special day. Thank you for being at my disposal with so many questions and ideas.
  11. Dad, thank you for getting up early and making my day really special. I imagine that one day in the future, when I have a boyfriend, he will do something like this to make me feel special. But I am glad that I have you now because no one is better at doing these things than you.
  12. Thank you for making my birthday so special. I am so blessed to have a boyfriend like you who loves me and spoils me. I love your face.
  13. Thank you for making my birthday extra-special this year. I hope you know how special you are to me.
  14. Thank you for making a special day extra special by calling me in the morning and taking me out to lunch. I really enjoyed our conversation. Thank you, too, for bringing me flowers! It’s been a while since I had fresh flowers–I love it!
  15. Thank you for making me feel special. I know so many of your friends have husbands who work too much and never make time for them. But you made sure to ask about me and put extra effort into our time together. It meant so much to me, thank you.
  16. Thank you for being so thoughtful. Making me breakfast in bed, taking me out for dinner all making me feel special.
  17. Thank you for the beautiful dinner, wine and card. It was such a nice surprise to come home to. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind heart. I couldn’t have had a nicer evening.
  18. Thank you for the sweet note on my mirror at work. I was having a rough day, but knowing that you cared made it so much better.
  19. Thank you for being so nice. You have a lot going on with school and sports, but you always take the time to talk with me and that means a lot to me. I don’t think we realize how lucky we are to be able to spend this time together. Thank you for being there and listening.
  20. Thank you for making my day special. The holiday was not how I envisioned, but it was all worth it to see how happy you were on your birthday. You make me so proud every day and I love you so much
  21. Thank you for making my day special. I am overwhelmed by how kind you are, by how much love you showered me with. My heart is so full right now.
  22. thank you for the rose and for being such a great partner in crime. thank you for always making me laugh and finding a way to make my day special. thank you for being my best friend.
  23. Thank you for getting me flowers. I really appreciate that. My day was great we had so much fun together.
  24. Thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday. It was delightful to see a smile on your face, even though I know it’s not a holiday you particularly enjoy. It was especially kind of you to invite your family to join in. Thank you again for such a lovely day!
  25. Your thoughtful gift was just what I needed to get through the day I also appreciate you cheering me up when I was down. You really are a great friend.
  26. How kind it is of you to take time out of your busy schedule to come pick me up before my flight. Not only did you exceed my expectations, but acted as if so, much was owed to you. I am very grateful and thankful for your gesture!
  27. Thank you for all the amazing things you do for me, from bringing me wine and chocolate, to helping me organize and decorate my new room. I love spending time with you, especially when we go out skiing or hiking. I am so lucky to be able to spend most of my days with someone so special.
  28. Thank you for the coffee, the breakfast and overall being a great morning person. You made me feel special and cute, which is much needed every day. I hope we have many more mornings together as boyfriend and girlfriend.
  29. No words could express my gratitude for your love. You are a great wife and mother who takes good care of us all. I can go to work knowing you two will be taken care of.
  30. Thank you for making my birthday special. The time we spent together was wonderful. I hope this note finds you having an amazing day and also having a great year.
  31. Thank you for making my birthday very special. The talks we had and the hot tub were our highlight of the day.
  32. I wanted to say thank you for choosing such beautiful flowers and the card that was the perfect mix of funny and romantic. I really had a great time with you on our date.
  33. Thank you so much for the flowers and wine you got me. It made my day. It has been a really hard week at work and it was great to come home to your surprise.
  34. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you being a part of my life. You never fail to make me smile. Here’s a box of chocolates for your continued efforts. Keep up the good work!
  35. Thank you so much for always being there for me and picking me up when I am sad, thank you so much for organizing such a lovely surprise, I was totally taken by surprise; especially with there!
  36. Thank you so much for the special dinner you made, I loved it and so did everyone else. And thank you for making the trip to send me a card in the mail and tell me that you love me. You are a very special person to me.
  37. Thank you for the best day of my life so far. It was incredible to see you, I missed the days where we used to hang out all the time, and it was fantastic to be with you like that again. Those moments were golden.
  38. Thank you for coming down on Tuesday for my birthday. It meant a lot. You are very thoughtful to remember me on special occasions.”
  39. I was very touched when you got me a cake and helped me decorate my room. I know we don’t see much of each other because we live far away but it’s still nice to know that you are always there for me. You are the best big sister ever, thank you for everything.
  40. Thank you for going with my plan and organizing a beach party for my birthday. We had so much fun I’ll remember it forever! It’s also great to know that you never mind my crazy ideas, be it the beach party or the chocolate pancakes. I love you a million.
  41. thank you for making my day special. I love your gift. it is beyond my expectations. looking forward for more surprises. Let’s work hard and have some fun!
  42. Thank you for making my day special. It was fun seeing your face when I gave you the flowers and bottle of wine, and it made me feel better to know that I could help make you smile that day.
  43. Thank you for making my day special, at the hospital and with a gift. I was very touched that you remembered.
  44. I wanted to thank you for making my day special. It meant so much that you spent the time and energy to share it with me. I’m looking forward to spending many more birthdays together in the future.
  45. Thank you for making special days I have even more special. Your present of the necklace definitely means a lot to me and I will treasure it always.
  46. Thank you so much. You made my birthday very special. I loved the dinner, the presents and the card you gave me.
  47. Thank you for going above and beyond on my birthday with the decorations, balloons, cake, mentions all day on social media and getting everyone to come to celebrate. I felt so loved and supported.
  48. Thank you for visiting me at work and surprising me with coffee, lunch, a gift and flowers. I was so happy to see you and it made my day!
  49. Thank you for being such a kind, thoughtful person. It means a lot to me that you got me the necklace and wrote me this card. I appreciate all of your hugs throughout the year, and your ear when I need to rant about things going wrong! Thank you for always being so sweet to me.
  50. Thank you for the surprise party on my birthday, and for the super tasty food that was at it. I hope your party goes great. I will miss you but hopefully we can talk or see each other soon. Love You!
  51. You’re amazing and special. I’m very lucky to be with you. Your smile can light up the darkest room. You are more beautiful than any sunset, starry night in the sky, or flower from around the world.
  52. Thank you for being an amazing boyfriend. When I seem sad or down, you always cheer me up and when I don’t know how I’ll finish a project at work, you’re always there to work with me and don’t let me give up. I’m super happy we met!!”

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