Thank You For The Encouraging Words

Thank you for encouraging me: If you are looking for thank you for the encouraging words quotes, then you are in the right spot. Here you will find many encouraging quotes that will help you share with others.

Thank You For Your Encouraging Words

  1. Thank you for the encouraging words. I have read your blog and would like to say appreciate one’s efforts, really helpful weblog.
  2. Thank you for the encouraging words. It means a lot to us to know that our clients enjoy the service we provide from start to finish! We make it easy to get topnotch results, so you can focus on your business.
  3. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the encouraging words that you have sent over the past few weeks. I really appreciate your support and it truly means a lot.
  4. Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m glad that you’re looking out for me, and I appreciate all the things you do for me (list them).
  5. Writing a blog can be really hard. You’re staring at a blank white screen, your mind is struggling to recall anything meaningful, and every time you try to think of something worthwhile to say your brain feels like its going to implode.
  6. Whenever I need a reminder of the power of words and their impact, I just need to visit your site. After all, it was the stories shared there that prompted me to make one of my own (all the way over on my personal web site).
  7. Thank you for the encouraging words…You’ve been an active member in the comments section for years. You come back every day and say something that makes people feel good, even if it’s just a “me too” or “I know what you mean.” It turns out, you have a really special place in the hearts of thousands of readers and writers.
  8. Hi! So, if you’re reading this, and we’re going to assume you are given the formatting of the page and my propensity to use small words and punctuation, I was wrong — not a good start. I hope it’s okay that I put this page together. It is really only putting into practice what I preach to my blogger friends and acquaintances so frequently: love yourself enough to validate your experience — how? Self compassion — and making mistakes is literally how we learn.  Thank you for the encouraging words.
  9. You’re going to hear it a lot, and it might seem disingenuous if you don’t really believe it. I know you know this, but I want you to hear it from someone else: You’re doing a great job.  Thank you for the encouraging words.
  10. Many people mistake kindness for weakness. That’s ok with me because I know the truth about being kind: Kindness lights a fire in others that can never be put out.
  11. When I wrote my first guest blog post I was ecstatic. I had a feeling I came up with some interesting information that people would find useful. But I didn’t realize just how much it would help me–until now. Thank you for the encouraging words.
  12. Thank you for the encouraging words. They mean a lot to me. Your kind words have made my day and I’m very grateful to you for them.
  13. Thank you for the encouraging words. They mean a lot to us. We don’t plan on giving up, and will continue to work hard to ship better products and provide a more enjoyable experience for all of you.
  14. Thank you. Thank you for the encouraging words, the kind thoughts and the general desire to help me pick myself back up from an emotionally tumultuous few days.
  15. I wanted to write and tell you I’ve read your book, and it was really inspiring. Your words have really motivated and encouraged me . Thank you for the kind words! I hope that the proceeds from the book help you reach your dreams of financial freedom.
  16. When my daughter was born, someone gave me a hand-written thank you note for my work. I keep it somewhere in my belongings so she can find it when she is old enough to understand the significance of that moment and what it meant to me. I cried (happy tears of course). It was so nice to know that I had helped someone that much just by writing a blog post about my life as a parent. It really made me reflect on all the encouragement we give each other as bloggers, freelance writers, and business owners.
  17. Thanks for the kind words, [name]. I really appreciate it. They really help brighten my day because this topic can be depressing sometimes!
  18. There is a lot — and I mean A LOT — of advice on the Internet. Some of it makes sense, and some of it does not. But there are certain things that everyone can benefit from and be grateful for, such as encouragement.
  19. Phrases like “thanks for sharing” and “thank you for the post” (or similar) are usually used to end a comment or reply.  Thank you for the encouraging words.
  20. Thank you for the encouraging words. I saw your comment and wanted to say thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you’ve been able to find some value in my posts so far, and am thankful that what I’m doing is helpful.
  21. Thank you for the encouraging words when I was down. Thank you for the advice when I didn’t know what to do. Thank you for the laughs when times were hard. You were there for me even when I pushed you away. You saw me how I am and accepted me anyway. You encouraged me to be a better version of myself, even though it was never enough. Thank you.
  22. Thanks for the encouraging words. It means a lot to us that you have chosen to leave us some kind words today regarding our company and our products.
  23. Thank you for the encouraging words that have been sprinkled across my blog posts.
  24. Thanks for the encouraging words. I really appreciate it.
  25. Thank you for the encouraging words of support. The blog post was well received by readers, and I appreciate you sharing it. I am going to work on a revised version so it’s more refined; and I will let you know when it’s published, if you’d like.
  26. Thank you for the encouraging words. I wanted to thank you all personally for the encouraging and kind words. I’m back home now, and spending time with my family. I appreciate your warm wishes – they help me get through this rough patch.
  27. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I can’t tell you how much your encouraging words have meant to me so many times over. Thank you for all the support!  Thank you for the encouraging words.
  28. Thanks for the wonderful testimonial. The testimonials on our website mean a lot to us and give us great encouragement. They also help others to find the resources and inspiration necessary for improving the quality of their lives. Thank you for being such an important part of our community.
  29. I wanted to take a second and say thank you. You’ve been such a big help and inspiration for a long time, it was good to finally meet you.
  30. Thanks for the encouraging words. You just want a pat on the back, and that’s why I’m here. Whether you’re looking for a simple “thank you” or more detailed positive feedback, I’ve got you covered.
  31. Thanks for the encouraging words. I want to start by saying ‘thank you’. I know this post might seem a little strange, and that it’s out of character for my more intimate and personal nature, but I wanted to take the chance to say thank you for reading one of my earlier posts.
  32. Thank you for the encouraging words. It goes without saying that you need other people to feel successful. After all low self-esteem doesn’t get you very far. Interestingly enough, I always get asked how do I get my clients to like me and what is my secret to being liked. The truth of the matter is that I don’t feel as though I was ever worried about whether someone would like me or not. Instead, I’m focused on providing value first in most every situation and if after doing so someone decides they want to be friends and help me out, that’s great! However, you must be careful and realize any relationship after this point will take effort to maintain. So be wary of those friends who seem to only want something from you while they are nice to your face but behind the scenes they are talking negatively about you.
  33. Thank you for the encouraging words. It has really helped me push through this challenging time.
  34. Thank you for the encouraging words. I am so grateful for the encouraging words you’ve given me after reading my story. People like you make sharing these moments worth it. I’m definitely looking forward to having new stories to tell in the future.
  35. Thank you very much for your encouraging words. We are really grateful for the support from each and every one of you.
  36. Thank you for your encouraging words. They have touched my heart and filled me with determination. I’ve been working since I was young, but this goal of mine is the one thing I would do anything for.
  37. It’s been said that a pastor’s greatest sermon is when he preaches to himself. I know that many of you have sent me encouraging words which is always so appreciated — I just thought I would say thank you.
  38. Thank you. Those three words were motivating, especially when I first started this journey of writing on Medium. Even though the connections between us are not real, it’s still very gratifying to know that someone spends their time reading my articles. The fact that you care to read and comment means a great deal to me.
  39. That e-mail was sent to the author of a book I read. It was meant as a thank you but it could easily be written to any of your readers. Someone left a review on Amazon saying how much they enjoyed your advice and that they learned something. Or perhaps another reader contacted you directly letting you know how much they learned from one of your articles or how they were inspired to take action. Thank you for the encouraging words.
  40. Thank you for the encouraging words.  Some people have a knack for writing with words. Most people have to learn how to write. In between these two groups is another group: those who can write, but only when they are able to form a personal connection with the reader. These people are the ones who are able to write effective emails, blog comments that earn positive reactions, and messages on the Internet that get responses.

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