Thank You Lord For Successful Operation

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Thank You Lord for Successful Operation Quotes and Sayings

  1. Dear lord thanks you for the successful operation of the lady, during the surgery. may she make a full recovery and become whole again. thank you, lord for your grace and covered us with your holy spirit.
  2. I would like to thank the lord for my successful operation. It was a hard time for me and I lost on hope but my family kept me going on. I’m so glad they were there for me.
  3. I’d like to say Thank you Lord for making my surgery a success, for my mom and Dad were there with me every step of the way.
  4. Thank you, Lord, for helping our patient have a successful operation. The day of the surgery, many things could have gone wrong. But thank you for protecting him and going before him to make a clear path.
  5. Thank you, lord for helping me pass an important test during my pregnancy. I know that you looked out for me during this tough time and lessened my stress. I will be forever grateful.
  6. We would like to say thank you for the successful operation our uncle had in Sao Paulo. Two months ago, he was diagnosed with cancer in his hip, but it seems that all is in order now. We also ask for help for curing another family member´s cancerous tumor.
  7. Thank you to the doctors and nurses who made me feel comfortable during my surgery. My family was very worried about me, but you guys took great care of me.
  8. Thank you, lord for successful operation. Give me strength to carry on for the sake of my daughter and husband.
  9. thank you, lord for successful operation, for bringing me life giver doctor, giving me patient who have faith in my skills to do well, giving my brother sweet sleep enough to be back in work on time. Thank you, lord for choosing this temple as the place where the operation done to bring me successful result.
  10. Thank you, Lord for successful operation. My aunt was there holding my hand throughout the whole process. I never felt pain at any point of time, but when I woke up after operation, I was in pain. I was given many medications to deal with the pain, but they did not seem to work. When I got back home, my aunt slept with me on my bed because she felt that would help me get rid of the pain faster when compared to lying on the floor in the room. The very next day I started getting better slowly till I felt no pain any more. Thanks a lot Aunt Vibha! You are so caring!
  11. Thank you, Lord for a successful operation. Thank you for our health, and thank you especially for the beautiful baby girl we have been blessed with. I am blessed that You made us a family, and that You keep us safe.
  12. Thank you for your mercy, Lord. I am truly grateful for the successful operation you allowed to take place. I would never have been healthy otherwise. I prayed to you to make it happen, and here I am.
  13. Thank you for a successful operation. I will never forget the pain, but I am also very thankful that it is over and that things are well on their way to being fixed. I have you to thank for this great blessing.
  14. I would like to thank the Lord for letting me wake up this morning and still be here. I would also like to thank everyone at Good Samaritan for the successful operation you all preformed on me.
  15. Thank you for fixing me and helping me become healthy. I am so grateful we saw the symptoms early and we caught the tumor when we did, instead of it being too late. Thank you for letting us get surgery and not having to use radiation or chemotherapy. Thank you for healing my body and making me whole again.
  16. Thank you, lord for successful operation. I wish you all the best and stay healthy. I pray for everyone who had successful operation to enjoy the rest of their life.
  17. thank you so much for letting my son have successful operation. I really thank the doctor who operate on him, my sister friends who come to see me, I give you all praise. bless my son.
  18. Thank you, lord for giving me the strength to go under the operation. I will do my best to stay healthy in my life. without you in it, my life is empty and worthless.
  19. Thank you for my successful operation. I am feeling so much better after it and I feel so blessed.
  20. Lord, I struggled to be a good and perfect woman and finally, you came and listened to my request and send me the best doctor in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Thank you again, Lord!
  21. Thank you to the loving and caring staff at the Children’s Hospital. I was admitted for surgery and everything turned out fine.
  22. We come to the Lord in prayer offering thanksgiving, praise, and worship for all that He is and for all that He does. Acknowledging God in everything we do is the key to having our hearts devoid of the pride that comes with success. This is my prayer for this operation.
  23. I was so nervous before the operation. All I could think about was how much pain I might be in if the surgery didn’t go well. I was so thankful on the way home that I got to enjoy several more years on this earth, on my own two feet. And, even more thankful for all of your help and encouragement. It’s nice to see you in my life again!
  24. Thank you for saving my life. I was not sure if it would work, but I am glad it did. Also, thank you for giving me the money to pay for the operation. My family does not have a lot of money, so they wouldn’t have been able to pay for it. I am lucky you answered my prayers.
  25. Thank you for giving me courage and determination to get through some of the scariest moments in my life.
  26. Thank you, lord for successful operation. I’m grateful for doctor to take care of me, and doctor team. thank you, lord for taking care of my family, and my number one.
  27. Thank you, lord for successful operation. I will be eternally grateful if you can also improve my eyesight
  28. Thank you for protecting me while I was in surgery. Thank you for giving me the best doctors for this operation.
  29. Thank you for your healing gift. You have returned my father to health after a surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney. While he is still weak and slow, we are grateful for your intervention and looking forward to a full recovery.
  30. I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of me and making sure I had the best outcome with my surgery. It is very much appreciated. I also want to thank you for all the people who helped me out, not only during the actual surgery, but before and after as well. God bless you all!!
  31. Thank you for making me healthy enough to undergo surgery. Thank you for my new lease on life, and thank you for helping me pay the medical bill.
  32. Thank you for healing my leg. I know that even though it took a long time, the result was miraculous. I prayed many times for this to happen and I am so glad that I did. Thank you for blessing me with this healing.
  33. thank you, lord for successful operation. thank you, lord for giving me this chance to be alive. thank you, all people pray for me. thank you for listening my prayer I’m still glad to be here
  34. Thank you, Lord for successful operation. The other surgeon couldn’t do it, thank God, I found you, you did an amazing job!
  35. Thank you, dear Lord, for making possible the successful operation. They say it takes months but my wound is only healing after weeks of ibuprofen and stitches. Please, let me heal fully before I go back to work so I don’t have to undergo another surgery.
  36. Thank you for giving me a successful operation and the ability to wear the wonderful new clothes that bought me.
  37. I want to thank the doctors, nurses and staff for your care, you made my six-hour operation almost painless. I also want to thank my family for their love and support, the Lord has blessed me with good friends, business associates, customers and customers’ customers which have changed my life so dramatically for the better.
  38. Thank you that my husband is alive. You saved him. We are so grateful for all of the miracles you have done for us.
  39. Thank you for making me feel better after surgery. I am so thankful to be alive, and for all the family and friends who helped me recover so quickly.
  40. Thank you for all of your help. Without your guiding me, the outcome would have been very different. I truly appreciate you helping me with this surgery.
  41. Thank you, lord for successful operation, doctor for quick operation and nurses for their support.
  42. thank you, Lord for successful operation on my wife. We appreciate all the doctors and nurses. Your word says, “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.” Thank You, Lord. Bless each of them as they serve others.
  43. Thank you, lord for successfully supervised my operation which was done yesterday, thanks.
  44. Thank you, Lord for guiding my doctors in performing the surgery on me. I hope to see better in the future, but for now thank you again.
  45. Dear Lord, thank you for keeping me safe and helping me to come through my operation. Also thank you for the doctors and nurses on the ward.
  46. Thanks to everyone who prayed for my successful operation. I know that my life is not the only thing that people worry about, but I wanted you to know that I was very grateful and thankful to all of you.
  47. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. Thank you for providing the doctors with the right skills to perform this operation at a state-of-the-art facility, thank you for relieving my pain, thank you for the wonderful nurses who took care of me, and I wish I could take all of you out to a nice dinner.
  48. Thank you for helping me get through a scary procedure. As I was going into the procedure, I felt really nervous. I prayed to You and asked that nothing bad happened while I was asleep. After I woke up from the procedure, the doctor said everything went well and thanked me for being so brave. I am not always brave, but on this day, I needed to be. Thank you for helping me find my bravery and know it will always be there when I need it.
  49. Thank you, lord for successful operation. I have many complications. but then l watched this video that you have shown me the right path. Before I was not believing anyone at all. Now I believe in God. Thank you very much.

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